27 May 2009 - The Epilogue

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Wednesday 27th May was a sad day as it marked the end of our "awesome" American experience. Everyone went their own way, with some taking an early flight home from Boston Airport ("thank you" to Pip for getting up so early to do the airport run in the bus) while others took the opportunity of staying on for an extended holiday in various parts of New England.
Looking back on our fantastic trip, there are so many great memories that will live with us forever.
  • The tremendously warm welcome we received from our hosts and fellow dancers.
  • The enthusiasm and expertise of all the other sides we danced with.
  • The American food!
  • Travelling in the buses.
  • The day's sightseeing in Vermont, especially Hildene.
  • The city of Boston, most notably the Duck Tour.
  • Perhaps most of all, the great camaraderie within Kettle Bridge.

But before I finish, there are a number of important "thank you"s that need to be recorded. Firstly our sincere gratitude goes to the organisers of the Marlboro Ale for inviting us and looking after us, in particular Paul Eric Smith and John Todd. We must also mention the friendliness of everyone we met in the USA, especially our fellow dancers.

And then there was all the effort that went into planning and preparing for such an enterprise. I won't mention names (you know who you are), but just list some of the items -

  • Getting an invite to such a prestigious event in our Silver Jubilee year.
  • Planning the itinerary.
  • Organising the mini-buses.
  • Sorting out the splendid accommodation in Boston.
  • Holding fund-raising events to help to finance the trip.
  • Co-ordinating the flights.
  • Preparing the dancers and musicians.
  • Driving and navigating the mini-buses.
  • Booking the Boston Duck Tour.
I am sure I have forgotten someone, so "thank you" whoever you are!

Finally, well done to the dancers and musicians for putting on such a great show and upholding the Kettle Bridge Clogs reputation on an international stage and to all the "other halves" who provided invaluable support either on the trip or in "holding the fort" back home.

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