29 June 2010 - The Harrow, Stockbury

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We met up once more with our friends from Wantsum Morris at The Harrow at Stockbury.

The recent glorious spell of hot weather looked as though it may be coming to an end as the temperature had (thankfully) cooled a little by the time we gathered at the pub.

Kettle Bridge and Wantsum alternated dances in the usual way. The ladies performed an excellent set of dances -

  • Prescot
  • Colne
  • Cossington
  • St. Helens
  • Aughton
  • and a grand finale featuring Yellow Rose

The Wantsum side were augmented by a couple of familiar faces from Hartley Morris who just happen to be "other halves" of Kettle Bridge dancers. You can't beat keeping it in the family.

The fading light though eventually brought another enjoyable pub stand to an end.