5 May 2011 - Borough Green

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Assembling at the pub
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We met up at the Black Horse and Hoodens in Borough Green for an evening stand with our good friends from Hartley Morris.

The light was fading even as we arrived at the pub so, by the time the dancing started, it was getting really dark. Many apologies for the quality of the photos but my Box Brownie didn't cope well with the conditions. There is always trouble getting something that old to work properly --- take the band, for example. Yes, please do take them.

Despite the gloomy conditions, the dancing from both sides was excellent. Kettle Bridge performed Prescot, Aughton and Colne and finished appropriately enough with Blackrod at the Black Horse in the pitch black.

Then it was all in to the pub where we were welcomed with a free drink! This was the cue for the singing and playing to begin, to finish off a thoroughly enjoyable pub stand.