28 July 2011 - Barming Bull

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Boughton Monchelsea get things going
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"The Bull" at Barming could be considered Kettle Bridge's local pub as it is the closest one to the Kettle Bridge from which we get our name. So it is always a pleasure to dance there and, on this occasion, we were joined by Boughton Monchelsea Morris.

The weather was reasonable, thankfully, and the pub car park always provides a good dancing surface. Boughton Monchelsea were first up and provided a lively and enjoyable performance, as always. Kettle Bridge alternated with BM and danced Aughton, Colne, Horbury, Sidcot and Cossington.

Typically for a midweek pub stand, there was a very small audience but it was great to see Christine, who has been suffering from a serious knee injury and so has been unable to dance much this season. Let's hope you are back in action again soon!

The highlight of the evening was Boughton Monchelsea's performance of their renowned stick throwing dance. The dancers were in fine throwing and catching form and would not have disgraced the England cricket team. Due to their consumate skill, no sticks or bones were broken.

The evening ended with a communal dance organised by Boughton Monchelsea. This was an enjoyable conclusion to an excellent pub stand.