1 May 2014 - Barming Bridge

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Rain? What rain?
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Cast your mind back to May 1985. Too young (or too old!) to remember? Here are a few memories from that month.
  • Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.
  • Number One in the charts was "We Are The World" by USA for Africa.
  • The cost of a first class stamp was 17 pence.
  • Everton won the Football League title - no Premier League in those days.
  • Manchester United won the FA Cup.
  • The men's 100 metres world record holder was Calvin Smith with a time of 9.93 seconds.
  • The UK come fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest with a song called "Love Is" sung by Vikki.
  • Microsoft was busy developing Windows 1.0.
  • The recently-formed Kettle Bridge Clogs danced over Barming Bridge for the first time.

And so a tradition was born and, every 1st May since, we have danced over the bridge from which we take our name.

The format of the occasion has remained largely the same over the years (although the bridge has changed!) and so the dancers and band were led over the bridge by the Squire as usual at 7:15 pm. It was a special day for Janey and Jo as it was their first time over the bridge and indeed their first outing for Kettle Bridge. This year, the weather during the day had been rather wet but the rain managed to hold off for the occasion although there were a few puddles to avoid.

The Churchtown procession over the bridge was followed by performances of Prescot, Aughton (featuring the official debuts of the new dancers) and Colne. Then it was the turn of the audience to get involved with an all-in Churchtown. And we must mention the fabulous cake that was adorned with pictures of the Kettle Bridge side "ancient and modern".

Then it was time for the trek up the hill to The Bull for another stand. Here we saw another "first" with the inaugural public performance of Lostock, which went very well indeed. This was followed by Ealuscerwen and a magnificent 12-dancer Cossington. There was even time to have a special toast to Kettle Bridge with some delicious bubbly.

Thanks go to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening, especially the doughty spectators who braved the weather to watch the 30th Anniversary celebrations. A special mention must go to two original KBC members who attended, namely Pip D and Angela. It was great to see you.

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