1 May 2016 - Barming Bridge

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Dancing North West Morris is a piece of cake!
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It may just have been the very pleasant weather, but there was a very large crowd of around 100 to watch us perform our traditional dance over the Kettle Bridge at Barming. There was also a nearly 100% turnout of dancers and it was great to see one of our "learners" had come along to support, as had Michael who is a valued member of our band and who is currently recovering from ill health.

The land at the far side of the bridge has undergone a transformation in the last year and all of the undergrowth has been cleared on one side. This has made it a much better spot to form up for the dancers. At the appointed time, Kettle Bridge Clogs danced Churchtown to process over the bridge. They continued into the main dancing area where they performed several more Churchtown moves, especially those which are difficult to manage while going over a narrow bridge!

The Kettle Bridge cake (thanks to Val and family) was passed round the audience and it was much appreciated. Tim and Alice then took the opportunity to go round the substantial crowd selling badges, collecting donations and handing out leaflets. An excellent job, well done.

In the meantime, the dancers continued their performance with Prescot, Marston 8 and Aughton. Then it was time for the audience to get involved with an all-in Churchtown. Inevitably, it was the younger members of the crowd who came forward and they all joined in with great enthusiasm.

We then made our way up to The Bull at the top of South Street for some more dancing, namely Ealuscerwen, Saint Helens Gala and Shawforth. We wished Eva a happy birthday and, as the light faded, we went into the pub to continue our celebrations with singing, squeezing, soliloquising, supping and socialising. An excellent way to round off a brilliant Beltane.

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