23 June 2016 - Laddingford

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The pub features its own paddling pool at the front.
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We had a stand with our friends from Hartley Morris Men planned for The Chequers Inn in Laddingford but the torrential rain earlier in the day had put it in doubt. Thankfully, the foul weather had relented by the time we arrived at the pub to dance and there were only a few puddles in the forecourt certainly not enough to trouble us unduly.

In time honoured fashion, the two sides alternated dancing with Hartley kicking off proceedings. Kettle Bridge performed Prescot, KBC Processional, Aughton 6, Annie's and Marston 8, carefully avoiding the pools of water as they did so.

After five dances each, the light was definitely fading so each side finished with an audience-participation opportunity. Kettle Bridge roped in some Hartley dancers and their own loyal supporters to perform Churchtown. This was followed by Hartley's Bonny Green Garters, featuring much the same participants.

This brought formal proceedings to a close but the merriment continued inside the pub with a session of singing and playing by members of both sides.

The prize for the busiest bee of the evening must go, not to the barman, but to Tim who not only took part in most of Hartley's dances but also played in our band for Kettle Bridge's performances. Well done, Tim a super-human effort.

By the way, if you are interested, there is a fascinating, in-depth article about the village of Laddingford on Wikipedia. Click here to read it. Wow I never knew any of that!

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