6 May 2019 - Radio Kent

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Report provided by the Squire.

We were somewhat surprised, but also delighted, to receive a call from BBC Radio Kent, asking us to appear on their Bank Holiday morning programme with Lembit Opik.

The request specified dancers and musicians in full kit. Not sure how this would come across on radio, we nevertheless dutifully turned up at the Tunbridge Wells studio at 10:30am, to be ready for an 11:00am start. The staff were wonderfully welcoming and friendly and soon made us feel at home.

After some discussion, it was decided that we would perform in Lembitís studio, about the size of a dining room. Can you imagine a large desk, three musicians, four dancers and three BBC staff squashed together? It turned out to be really good fun!

Sandy was the main interviewee, chatting a bit about morris history and traditions, although we were all given a chance to say something. Then Lembit was persuaded to have a go at morris dancing, so Val gave him a quick lesson on a couple of moves from Churchtown. Kitted out in one of our rag jackets, Lembit gave a very good performance and seemed to enjoy himself into the bargain! We then danced three moves each from Blackrod and Annie's and just about managed to avoid knocking each other out or demolishing the studio.

Many thanks to BBC Radio Kent for being such good sports and giving us a such a good time. We hope they have now recovered! They did post a short video on Facebook which you can see by clicking here.

Musicians: Sandy, Ian, Pip
Dancers: Val, Sue, Pom, Eva

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