Kettle Bridge Clogs' Programme

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Mon 22 Jan 2018 to Tue 22 Jan 2019

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Sat 24 Mar 2018
Tue 01 May 2018
Sat 05 May 2018
Tue 17 Jul 2018

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Viewing Diary Entry Details

Click on one of the diary entries on the left for more details, including links to maps. Note that locations are given as latitude and longitude (e.g. 51.12625,0.25809). This gives greater accuracy and these can be used as a destination by most SatNavs.

Click on one of the map links to see a map showing the exact location and surrounding area.

Seeing Different Dates

In the Diary Item Selection area above, change the Start Date, select how many months or diary items you want to see and click on the Show Items button.

To see later diary items, click on the Next Items button.

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